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  • To create a professional community of students who are empowered with knowledge and learning.
  • To initiate and reiterate a sense of democratic values among professional students based on sensitivity to professional needs of the society, community, country and the human race at large.
  • To instill knowledge and confidence among students in order to enhance their power of professional thinking and positive attitude towards their profession, which will in turn contribute to the well being of the society.
  • To encourage the professional student community towards liberal professional thinking which would foster good relationships in the society and contribute to it gainfully.


To enable all students to attain their accademic and professional goals. The institution envisages to interlink feels of education, humanity, health sciences and services in preparing students to face the challenges of their profession, society and community at large.


To educate the students with genuine needs, uses and objects of professionlism that they may face in the challenging global world of today in every field and look back at alma mater with pride, respect and degnity on accessing their acheivements.

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